Growing up, I realised that my self-expression was intrinsically linked to fashion. My dad who always had a strong sense of personal style (think polka dot shirts, bold colour choices and white leather shoes, sometimes all at once) would always dress according to how he felt. That emotional connection is something that has stayed with me throughout my life and subsequently my career.  

As a designer, I think my work is a response to the fantasy of what the modern woman is, coupled with the reality of how I want her to feel in the real world.  In today’s society, I think people gravitate towards the functionality and comfort of loungewear and it is my job as a designer to add to that dialogue.  

MATH COLLECTIVE approaches tailoring in a manner that is precise in its construction yet sympathetic to the form of the body. The attention on colour and fabrication is deliberate; the ease of jersey with rich silks adds to the feeling of everyday luxury. 

Personal style is rooted in self-confidence and the minimalist designs aesthetic is a reflection of this ethos.  There is a power in making a subtle statement and that idea is constantly informing my work.  

Fashion is a fantasy, in that you can use it as a means to shape your identity and the idea that mybrand can be part of that process for someone else is what motivates me as a designer.  Thank you for joining me on this journey.